Our Story

It was March 2020 and the pandemic had just hit North America. My parents, who are both relatively in good physical health, mobile and very independent were fearful of going anywhere outside their home. Living several hours away from them it was challenging for me as I couldn’t help them in the capacity I wanted to.

Checking in with my dear friend Cheryl later that month, I asked how her 98 year-old-mother was doing. Despite losing a lot of weight because she would “forget to eat,” she was living alone in her independent living community and managing. She was frustrated, lonely and unable to get out of her home to buy the basics she was quickly running out of.

The 60+ group were at this time particularly hit hard by the pandemic and therefore were encouraged to avoid unnecessary interaction with others and non-essential visits.

Time to Relax, Renovate and Reflect

“It will only be a few weeks,” we were all told. Valuable time with my young son I thought. Staying at home wasn’t going to be too bad at all. I embraced this time as an opportunity to renovate, focus on hobbies, read, and get more physically active. It was a chance for me to catch up with friends and family (on the phone of course). I could also focus on spending extra quality time with my son. This can’t all be bad. I tried to be optimistic. Although busy, I was restless and wanted to do more. Something meaningful.

My A-Ha Moment

“That’s it!” I told myself. After researching and finding nothing like it out there, I decided to create a new business. A company which would offer a regular service delivering goods and essential items directly to those individuals who needed it most. People like Cheryl’s mum. My parents. Those who had restrictions or concerns that prevented them from going out as often- or at all. It occurred to me that so many people in our society could benefit from what my business offered. After all, everyone wants both something joyful to look forward to and have their needs met.

The Process Begins

I decided to delve online and look for new and existing items and products that enhanced our lives; items which were eco-friendly, natural and useful. To add an element of fun, I also sought out sourcing cool products which would enhance life and add an element of delight. Everyone could now get what they need on their own without relying on others- they could maintain their independence. Best of all, family and friends of those living independently, or in care facilities, could now easily order and ship boxes to their loved ones, without the concern of restrictions.

The Concept

The business model is unique in the sense it would cater to everyone in a way that wasn’t restricted to online ordering- something that would make tech-challenged folk cringe. In addition to online, we go directly to people reaching as many as we can using every means we know how. Customers make their selections using pen and paper. They can even write their order in cursive if they wish! Plus, we offer basic items, essentials, which can be added to their package of choice. Orders are then processed and we take care of everything – providing the ultimate in peace of mind.

Creating Peace of Mind

For even more peace of mind, I made it my goal to source quality products from Canadian suppliers and manufacturers- whenever possible. As well, I personally ensure that all products carried are tested for quality and safety, ensuring that everything we carry is safe, affordable, and purposeful. The weeks that followed were filled with finding the absolute best products and companies from which to source products.

My (main) Inspiration

Looking at my young son, I knew that this spunky little fella was another important reason to pursue this venture. I wanted to show him first-hand that great things come from ideas and from those willing to take chances. I wanted to show him that that anyone can change the world to help make it a better place. It didn’t matter how old you are, what you did before, or where you came from. Making the business extra-ordinary, my young son offered to make cards, each individual and unique- to include in boxes to make our customers “extra happy.” It warmed my heart that he wanted to get involved.

Giving Back

Recognizing the importance of giving back, we decided together that a portion of each sale from our quarterly boxes would go towards packages for those in need.