Giving Back

Support Our Seniors POM-program

The pandemic has rapidly changed the lives of billions of people across the globe. For seniors who live alone or in independent living facilities, the gloom has only been intensified with loneliness and boredom. These feelings can negatively affect their mental health and reduce their quality of life considerably.

Since the onset of the pandemic, visitation into retirement homes has been halted and seniors have been constrained to their immediate environment with little-to-no excitement. This inactivity can negatively impact their cognitive abilities or worse, make their days feel longer, miserable and mundane.

Making a Meaningful Difference

In an effort to improve the lives of some of the most valued, and sometimes forgotten, members of society, whilst showing how much we care and appreciate them, we have thoughtfully curated care packages. The contents in these packages are thoughtfully selected to deliver unexpected joy both to their homes, and their lives. Items have been selected with safety, purpose and practicality in mind.

Through our established relationships with senior residences and charitable organizations within the community, we can reach those most in need. Rest assured that your generous contribution is adding value and meaning to a person’s life.

With your much-needed support we can make an otherwise difficult time in someone’s life less depressing and uncertain, and create a positive long-lasting impact.

Together, let’s spread joy one box at a time!